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The Swaffham Sizzler has been a firm favourite with our customers who return time and time again for the flavoursome staple. And they aren’t the only ones, read what ‘bangers and sausages’ blogged about them.


Impson’s of Swaffham – Super Sizzler Pork Sausage

As well as these peculiarly named sausages, Impson’s also make the superb Pork & Mustard sausage, which we raved about a few months ago. The review can be re-read here: Impsons Pork And Mustard. First question must be “Why call them Super Sizzlers”? Are they made specifically to provide that sudden, busy sizzling sound when you stick them in the frying pan? Maybe….

As you know, Rate My Sausage fries all its sausages in one tablespoon of oil for the sake of equality in the testing. Sometimes the sausages split a little and spit some fat out, sometimes they don’t. I prefer it when they do, as I reckon that is what a proper sausage should do – not explode all over the kitchen, just a tiny puncture in the skin somewhere, enough for some of the inside to become some of the outside.

The Super Sizzlers ticked that box emphatically. During cooking it became apparent that there seemed to be more than the usual amount of pockets of melted fat under the skin, trying to find a way out – do Impsons include more fat for this reason? Who knows? Shortly afterwards it also became apparent that previously-mentioned pockets of fat WERE breaking free, as a crescendo of mouth-watering, hissing sizzles filled the kitchen. Do Impsons use different casings, ones that break open a little more easily? Again, who knows? If you read this Mr Impson, what’s the answer?

The result is that the Super Sizzlers do sizzle in a super way. Whether that’s by design or by coincidence, frankly, who cares?

Meat Content:

74% meat. I didn’t ask, but it’s in the photo. These don’t appear to be the biggest banger on the block but they’re chunky and firm and full of meat. The filling is up to the high standard of the Pork & Mustards, and that can only be a good thing. Kerry Foods take note, MORE MEAT MAKES BETTER BANGERS!


This is quite a light and delicate flavour for such a solid bruiser of a sausage. The pork meat tastes deliciously sweet and was a real treat to bite into and chew, and left the subtlest spicy aftertaste. They also tasted fabulous when eaten cold, which isn’t always the case. These are a real Grant Mitchell of a sausage, rough and tough on the outside but tender on the inside.


Phat! For anyone older than 13, that means “spiffing“ in old English. I like my filling to be slightly on the larger side (just how I like my women too, Dawn French, be mine?) and the Super Sizzlers have a coarseness that feels good while you’re slicing through it, and even better on the tongue.

Extract from ‘bangers and sausages’ blog… 8th June 2010