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It is our belief that good quality flavoursome meat should be available to all, which is why we choose our producers very carefully. All of our beef is slowly air-dried for 28 days under chilled conditions in order to realise its true flavour. Our cured and cooked meats are expertly handled on-site, as are our award-winning sausages, including the Swaffham Sizzler, the recipe of which is a closely guarded secret.low-food-miles1

We are proud of the fact that all our meat comes from within the Breckland area and North Norfolk. How many supermarkets can say that?! We are keen advocates of artisan producers too. Although they often have limited supplies, what they do produce tends to be exceptional. Better to have a little ‘amazing’ than a lot of ‘average’.

Supplying our wider community with locally sourced superior quality meats at realistic prices is our goal. We couldn’t do this without our loyal staff. We are immensely proud of our experienced, knowledgeable and jovial butchers who go out of their way to help our customers get what they need. They are always up for a natter and love a good joke, so be assured that a visit to Impson’s Butchers will be an uplifting experience. Some say we are the hub of Swaffham!